Optical Illusions

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Based on Pinna illusion (first visual illusion showing a rotating motion effect). At a glance, the swirls of tilted black-and-white squares create the perception of a spiral. Look more closely and you realize that the squares don't form a coil at all; they trace out four perfectly round, concentric circles. The cognitive dissonance between your overall impression of spiraling and your recognition of individual circles.

• This product is produced with a Direct to Garment printing process.
• Printed on a Next Level Heather Grey tee with black & white waterbased Ink
• Material consists of 90% cotton, 10% polyester. Preshunk.
• Super soft with a vintage feel
• Maintains its shape beautifully
• We recommend washing cold, inside out and laying flat to dry. No fabric softeners.
• If necessary, tumble dry on a low heat setting